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How are our health insurance leads qualified?
Upon visiting one of our 185 websites, the consumer will complete our comprehensive health insurance questionnaire indicating their significant interest.

Are your leads tele-verified?
Yes, we tele-verify our Internet mortgage leads. Tele-verification offers you a great supply of leads with a 95% usability rate.

How long does it take to get the health insurance leads?
Your health insurance leads are emailed or faxed directly from our networked websites. You specify whether or not you’d like to receive them in real time or at a set delivery time and we’ll deliver!

How many times can each lead be sold?
One time. Our health insurance leads are exclusive – This means they are sold to you and only you.

How can I sort my health insurance leads?
Your leads are sorted by type (i.e. health, life, auto, homeowners, disability or LTC).

Can I purchase other insurance lead types?
Most definitely! You can select from many different types of insurance leads on the ordering page of our website.

Can I temporarily stop delivery of my health insurance leads?
Yes. If you’d like to put them temporarily on hold in order to catch up with previously delivered leads, or even simply to take a vacation, you have total freedom to control your leads.

Do I have control over how many health insurances leads I receive per day?
Yes, you can choose a daily maximum amount of leads you’d like delivered each day.

What percentage of leads actually close?
Typically, closing results are about 15% – which does not include possible future closings and/or additional referrals that originate from these leads.

How are health insurance leads generated?
We own and operate nearly 200 consumer-based websites from which your health insurance leads are generated.

How do consumers find our websites?
When a consumer does an online search for health insurance, they find our websites displayed by all the major search engines (i.e. Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves, MSN). All personal and/or financial information that we receive comes directly from the consumer when they fill out our online questionnaire. We do not manipulate this data by using any outside process.

Why do consumers choose our quote services over another web sites?
We value their privacy. We understand that most consumers are turned off by telemarketers – this is why we assure that they will be contacted by no more than one agent, who will provide them with their request free quote and professional service.

What’s the replacement policy?
Our replacement policy is the best in the industry. On occasion, a lead will need to be replaced, read below to find out more about our replacement policy.

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We’re always working on increasing lead quality. However, if a lead does need to be replaced, we’ll be glad to repalce it if one of the following criteria is met:click here.

In those situations we take pride in offering the BEST replacement policy available on the Internet today. Simply put, we’ll replace a lead if, click here for more information.