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We provide service to insurance and financial professionals nationwide. With nearly 200 consumer websites in operation, we generate a high volume of health insurance leads on a daily basis.
Because they come to us, your health leads are completely initiated by the consumer. This is good news for you! Catching a prospective customer who is currently showing active interest is the solution to success! Our health leads are currently helping hundreds of insurance agents maximize their online sales opportunities.

This is how our system works. An interested consumer will visit one of our websites and complete our online questionnaire in order to receive a free health insurance quote. After this information is submitted, our quote system immediately forwards the personal information on to you so that you can make contact to provide a quote.

We’ll bring you the business! All you have to do is focus on closing the deal!

For questions regarding our health leads, please call customer service at 800-278-4195 (9am to 5pm PST) , or take a moment to fill out the “Request More Info” form and a representative will be in touch with you shortly.